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I began this adventure documenting via picture and words the daily going ons of Suzanna, Michael, Nikolas and Mia so we could share our lives with family and friends afar. However, as time has passed and my obsession with all things scrappy has changed my world, so too has the purpose of this blog. Our journey continues and as my scrapbooking takes flight I have been sharing our stories via my layouts. A BIG part of my life.


My name is a Suzanna and I am a Scrap-a-holic!! I have been playing with paper and scissors for most of my life thanks to my Gran who introduced me to the world of magazines and scenes created from cut up magazine pictures. I began what is today known as scrapbooking about 18 years when I made an album of a trip up the coast of Maine. I dabbled for some time before being grabbed hook, line and sinker when my son was born.

This blog came to be shortly after Nikolas was born. It was more a way of sharing our life with family who weren't nearby. It slowly evolved into a means of sharing that life through my scrapbook pages. You may see pictures twice, one as taken and again on the page with the documented memory.

Thanks for stopping by!